About Measure L

Measure L funds critically important, enhanced fire prevention and protection projects as outlined in the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This plan was created over an 18-month process with input from local leaders including Napa Communities Firewise Foundation and grassroots fire safe councils.

The newly adopted CWPP outlines the work to be done. This work will minimize wildfire damage to local watersheds and drinking water sources; help prevent wildfires from threatening residential areas and businesses; create fuel breaks, reduce vegetation and flammable brush; and clear Napa County’s roads for first responders and evacuations.

But, the CWPP needs a revenue source. That’s where Measure L comes in. Napa County’s budget is stretched thin and funding the CWPP with existing revenues requires significant cuts to vital services such as roads and public safety. Instead, Measure L asks every resident, and tourists who visit Napa Valley, to share the cost through an increase of ¼ cent in sales tax (which is 25 cents for every $100 spent on taxable items) with citizen oversight, independent annual audits, and all revenue staying local. And Measure L will draw millions of dollars in state and federal matching grants, all for fuel reduction and fire prevention. 

That’s why Measure L is supported by local fire chiefs and grassroots fire councils, small business owners, environmental advocates, local community leaders, local mayors and councilmembers, and healthcare providers.

Never again. Please join us, so we never again find ourselves unprepared when wildfires strike.

Support for Measure L

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