Never again...

can we be unprepared.

YES ON Measure L

Napa County’s Wildfire Prevention and Protection Measure

We’re in this together. The devastating 2017 and 2020 wildfires proved that. In their aftermath we have stood together. Now, to protect Napa County from future wildfires, we ask the community to stand together once more by voting “Yes” on Measure L.

On this site you can learn more about Measure L, see who supports it, offer your own support for L, read the Community Wildfire Protection Plan Measure L funds, and learn more about the coalition behind Measure L.

Impacts To The County

The toll from the 2017 & 2020 Wildfires

Acres Burnt
Structures Destroyed
People Evacuated
$ 0 m
Estimated Cost

Use the image sliders below to view the effects of the wildfires on Napa County

Support for Measure L

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“L Yes!!!”

— Christopher Thompson
Board President, Napa Communities Firewise Foundation

Paid for by Taxpayers for Fire Prevention Supporting Measure L ID#1446530